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An introduction as to what a Graphic Designer is – and how they help businesses prosper.

Lufkin Graphic Designs produces stunning marketing materials and websites to help businesses and consultants attract their ideal clients and customers. This video shows samples of our work.



“Graphic Design” is a broad term that covers many disciplines. Here is what you can expect at Lufkin Graphic Designs:


New companies and consultants need to have a strong graphic identity to distinguish their products and services to prospects and to set themselves apart from their competitors. A strong logo used consistently on all company materials reinforces your company's image.



Product shots and panoramic travel photography give unique and personal visions of a company's goods and location. In many projects, stock photos can be used to great advantage. We can also “improve” a photo with color correction, adding or removing elements, silhouetting items or replacing backgrounds.



Whether you reach out to other businesses or to individuals, having materials you can leave with your prospects reminds them of your business and services. Think business cards, letterhead & envelopes, brochures, pamphlets, annual reports, posters, coupons, ads, banners, signage, tradeshow booths, and more!



Some things cannot be photographed, and that's where illustration comes in. Schematic drawings, flow charts, product prototypes, maps, diagrams, or decorative elements. We can create an illustration to be scaled without loss of resolution, or create it in 3D so it can be viewed at any angle.



Brochures and ads can only say so much due to space limitations. But there are no limits on your web site! We make sure your company looks as good on online as it does in print. We also maintain your site. Need to make changes? Want to add more to it? Give us a call. We're here to make your work easier.



It's graphic design with motion added to it. Motion brings elements to life and holds your prospects’ attention. Combined with video, narration and music, we can create an on line video that captures your prospects' attention and informs them.



We are a creative agency with

a passion for problem-solving.

You have a message and need it presented professionally. It needs to look good. It needs to attract and inform your audience. It needs to convey who you are and what you offer.


You know what you want to say, and you know who you want to reach. Your problem is getting it out there. That's where we come in. Lufkin Graphic Designs has been serving the Upper Valley and beyond for 27 years, so we must be serving our clients well!


We work with you to help refine the message, we make it look good, and we give you what you need to reach your goals. Problem solved! Now, what can we help you with next?




To use our creativity to solve your marketing challenges.

We ask you questions and we listen. No one knows more about your business and customers than you. Once we understand your problem, we offer several solutions. With your approval, we make it happen.

We are here to serve you. You'll never get the “temperamental Artisté” treatment from us. We offer our creative talent and best-practices advice. Our goal is make sure you are pleased with the finished project!



The telephone is the fastest way to get in touch with me. If I'm here, I'll pick it up. If I'm away from my desk or working with a client is, please leave a message at the beep!

Address: 311 Beaver Meadow Road, Norwich, VT

Phone: 802-649-3500

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